We regret to inform all of our past and potential

participants that the Souderton Area Soccer Association

will not be hosting a SISL’r Slam this Fall. We hope to

have it back for 2018. Thank you for your support!



2015 Girls SISL’R Slam Results!

U8: 1st-Colonial (McKernan), 2nd-Hulmeville, 3rd-Colonial (Casey)

U10: 1st-Souderton, 2nd-MonU (Carey), 3rd-Hulmeville

U12: 1st-Middletown A.A., 2nd-Hulmeville, 3rd-Souderton

U14: 1st-Hulmeville, 2nd-Souderton, 3rd-Harleysville

U16: 1st-MonU, 2nd-Souderton, 3rd-Hulmeville

U19: 1st-Hulmeville, 2nd-MonU, 3rd-Harleysville

2015 Boys SISL’R Slam Results!

U8: 1st- Hulmeville 2nd- MonU 3rd-Council Rock

U10: 1st- Hulmeville 2nd- Harleysville 3rd- Middletown A.A.

U12: 1st- Hulmeville 2nd- CRUSA 3rd- PA Rush

U14: 1st- Council Rock 2nd- Southern Lehigh 3rd-Hulmeville

U16: 1st- MonU 2nd- Hulmeville 3rd- Southern Lehigh

U19: 1st- Harleysville 2nd- Southern Lehigh 3rd- Souderton


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Jill & Ed Toy
Tournament Directors
41 Highland Drive
Telford, PA  18969
Email: sislsoccertd@gmail.com
Phone #: 267-281-4014