Coach's Corner

Volunteer coaches and assistant coaches are required by Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association to upload current state clearances and complete the required training videos within the GotSport Dashboard. If you have successfully set up a coaches profile on GotSport you just need to go through to complete the trainings that are on your profile and upload your clearances.
Please try to have these items completed before the season begins. 
Coaches clinics will be hosted prior to the season to provide some high level review, training ideas, as well as equipment for all registered coaches.
Here is a link to EPYSA’s website with direct links to help you acquire your clearances, in case you can’t find them or need to apply for new ones. Volunteers are free to get their clearances done through PA. Volunteer clearances are good for 5 years from when you last submitted for them, anyone with a clearance older than 5 years should apply for new ones.

CDC Heads Up, SafeSport, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Risk Management AgreementAll completed in your GotSport Portal 

EPYSA Curriculums

Intramural Rules