About Souderton Area Soccer Association (SASA)

The Souderton Area Soccer Association is a 501c3 non-profit Volunteer based program which provides an opportunity for all youths of the area and surrounding communities the chance to experience the game of SOCCER.

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the game of soccer to the youths of this community (Souderton Area School District) and surrounding communities.

We shall promote, through soccer, the educational, social, athletic, and character development of our players.
SASA is divided into two distinct groups:  Travel and Intramural (also known as Souderton Intramural Soccer League or SISL).

Travel provides teams for Under-9 years to Under-18 years.

Intramural provides teams for Under-5 years to Under-19 years.


The Travel program is for the player that wishes to invest more of their time into the game and to sharpen their soccer and athletic skills.  The demands of travel soccer on the player are of a greater magnitude than that of the intramural player.

Travel holds tryouts each year for those trying to make a team.  NO ONE is guaranteed a spot on a team.  Players are added or sometimes released each year after try-outs at the discretion of the coach of each individual team.  This process is done for fairness to all who wish to play, as skill and maturity changes differ in each player.

Travel is a great experience for the player who wishes to advance to the next level of play in soccer.

The other half of our club is the Intramural program.  This level provides an opportunity for all members, no matter their skill level, to participate in a league with their peers, while gaining a chance to be part of a team. Everyone plays in this league.

We try to make our teams as equal as possible by mixing all levels of ability and talent.  This way every player is important in making soccer a positive experience.

Intramural play is a more relaxed game than Travel.  The commitment level is not as demanding.  However, the rules of fair play and sportsmanship are still paramount to ensure an enjoyable time for all involved.

While winning is an enjoyable product of playing, we try to make participating the most important aspect of the game.

Intramural soccer provides all players a chance of being a part of a TEAM which helps build self-esteem and allows for players to make new friends within their community.  It also develops the concept of fair play and sportsmanship in a rule obeying setting.

Come join our league and find the satisfaction and good times of being a part of an Intramural team.