Thank You to all our Sponsors!

We ask that you support these community businesses who are currently sponsoring SISL teams.

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Thank you to our Sponsors!

Team # Color Company Name Sponsor Website Coach
PeeWee (U6)
Team 1 Grey Cope’s Garage Charles Adzema
Team 2 Red Landis Market Elyse Hackman
Team 3 Green TNC Storage Sean Chadwick
Team 4 Orange JI Landis Welding Sean Hagan
Team 5 Blue Harleysville Bank Sean Duffy
Team 6 Yellow Univest Financial Allison Trudeau
Team 7 Purple Orthodontic Specialists David Schlotter
Team 8 Kelly Green NF Landis & Son Julia Udinsky
U8 (Monday / Wednesday)
Team 1 Grey Nutty Novelties Tina Hampson
Team 2 Red Almac Ryan Sacks
Team 3 Green FIFS Brett Butler
Team 4 Orange QNB Bank Ashley Moyer
Team 5 Blue Schilling’s Barber Sean Duffy
Team 6 Yellow Hope Mortgage Team Chris Powis
Team 7 Purple Coronados Pool Renovations Brandelyn Swedberg
Team 8 Kelly Green K J Doors Elijah White
U8 (Tuesday / Thursday)
Team 9 Grey Landis Block & Concrete Ryan Martin
Team 10 Red Sklar Dentistry Matt Wahl
Team 11 Green Alderfer Glass Co Anthony Woods
Team 12 Orange Flaherty Financial Andrew Myren
Team 13 Blue Souderton Dental Benjamin Steward
Team 14 Yellow Dunkin/Baskin Souderton Benjamin Osborn
Team 1 Grey Strafford Media Jill Bennett
Team 2 Red Nutty Novelties Sean Hagan
Team 3 Green Flaherty Financial Brian Gehman
Team 4 Orange Gabbys Grooming on the Go Tiffany Landis
Team 5 Blue Coronados Pool Renovations Juan Salinas
Team 6 Yellow Moyer’s Services Group Kelly Bosch
Team 7 Purple Ed Toy
Team 8 Kelly Green Dunkin/Baskin Souderton James Schultz jr.
Team 1 Grey Flaherty Financial Bradley Cassel
Team 2 Red Gabbys Grooming on the Go Matt Wahl
Team 3 Green Coronados Pool Renovations Douglas Gardner
Team 4 Orange Dunkin/Baskin Souderton Tracy Scassero
Team 1 Grey Gabbys Grooming on the Go David Yothers
Team 2 Red Skippack Sweet Spot Neil Aldredge
Team 3 Green A.M. Goshow & Son Gina Carroll
Team 4 Orange Frankenado Jeffrey Schoonover