COVID-19 Return to Play

COVID-19 Update

Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer is made up of thousands of players and families spread over 36 counties.  As an Association, incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth, we must follow and communicate the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Covid-19 related orders.  In previous statements, we have reminded everyone of the Section 3 exception in the Order, providing athletes with the ability to use discretion to remove their mask.  In our April 30th memo, we recognized that in limited instances, some county authorities have relaxed their restrictions on athletes and masking. In those locations, the local guidance may be followed.  Please be aware that even in those three counties that are not requiring masks be worn when actively participating in athletics, (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery), a field/facility owner may maintain the State’s restrictions or possibly impose additional restrictions.  Please learn about local guidance regarding athletes before you travel to games in the upcoming weeks.  Teams should contact each other to confirm local guidance in advance of arriving at the fields.  We are continuing to monitor the situation and remain in contact with various health departments and elected officials. 

On Wednesday, May 12th, Montgomery County announced they will no longer require participants in school sports or any other “high exertion” outdoor activities to wear masks. The new guidance goes into effect this Friday, May 14.


Ed Toy, President
Mickey Hurley, Vice President
Dennis Frankenfield, Treasurer
Jillian Toy, Secretary/Risk Management / Intramural Coordinator
Ben Sauers, Travel Coordinator
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