Intramural Soccer

Your 2020 Information Center:

Team Assignment Information: 

If you did not receive your players team assignment or have not heard from your coach please email soudertonsoccerinfo@gmail.com

COVID-19 Policies and Action Plan:  

Due to COVID-19 many new policies and procedures have been put into place, please carefully read the below information before attending any events.  We thank everyone in advance for their cooperation.  

Intramural Rules:  

All league rules have been reviewed to ensure the best experience for all of our participants.  Please Click Here to review our 2020 Intramural League Rules.  


Schedules have been designed to promote social distancing and best practices in accordance with our COVID-19 Action Plan.  Below, please find links to schedules for all age brackets.

Field Maps:  

When arriving at any field location please be sure to practice good social distancing from other teams and spectators.  

Maps of our field locations can be found here – Click Here


If you can hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning…even if you don’t see any lightning.   In the event of thunder and/or lightning, please use caution and remove your players from the fields to the safety of vehicles (NOT TREES!!)

Injury Information:

Parents: If your child was injured during any SISL practice or game and required medical attention, YOU must contact EPYSA as soon as possible for insurance purposes.
Coaches:  If one of your players was injured during any SISL practice or game and required medical attention please contact us .

The Souderton Intramural Soccer League (SISL) is primarily played for the enjoyment, participation in a team sport and for the fun of playing soccer. SISL is not all about winning but is more about taking part.

SISL is for both boys and girls, ages 3-18 years old. The goals of this program are centered around the joy of playing soccer and providing a fun atmosphere where the child can play and grow.  

All coaches are unpaid volunteers, and without their support, there would not be an Intramural Program. SISL has resources available for assistance and direction for helping coaches.

Intramural Soccer runs from the Beginning of August through the end of September.

Age groups will be determined by participation.