From the registration link, click “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” link to create YOUR profile.


Complete the necessary information then click “Sign Up” button.


Next you will select who to register or create the profile for who you are registering.  Click the “Register” button on the green Add Family Member to create a new family member to register, see below:


Complete the required information, then click the “Save” button.
(Note: Username is not required for dependent children unless you want to provide separate and unique access to your child.)


Complete the following pages as determined for the club or organization.  You will find a “Save” or “Continue” button at the bottom of each page.  If you need to stop and return to registration later, your responses will be saved to expedite completion.
 After completing the registration pages, you will be given a few options:
1) Click “Checkout” to submit and pay for registration
2) Click “Register Someone Else” button to register another person for the same program.
3) Click “Select Different Plan” to change selected fee options for this registration.
Screen_Shot_2019-02-11_at_2.01.20_PM.png another

From the checkout screen, complete payment information and agree to payment terms, then click the “Pay” button. 


To submit the registration, click the “Register” button.