How much does it cost?
Cost is determined by individual teams. Ranging from $300-600 depending on team activity and

When and where are Tryouts?
Tryouts for 2018 will be the weekends of March 24 th and April 7 th . Check our website for specific times.

March 24th Tryouts will be at Indian Valley Boys and Girls Club
April 7th will be at Franconia Park

How long is the season?
The first game of the Fall season starts the weekend after Labor Day and runs for the next 11 weeks. (No
game Columbus weekend). However, teams may chose to participate in Winter or Spring leagues. A
team formed in the spring will play together from July until the following July.

When does practice start?
Most teams start practicing for the Fall season in early July.

Where do teams play/practice?
Our home fields are at Franconia park.

What League do our teams play in?
Inter County Soccer League: ICSL

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